Joe Harlan

International Education Consultant

Director & Speaker

Instructor & Teacher

International Consultant
Public Speaker
Coach & Teacher

China expert. Top ranked public speaking. Phoenix, Arizona. 

International Education and Athletics Consulting

Working in Education around the world in Asia, SE Asia, Dubai & USA

International Relations. Sales leader, Public Relations and marketing. 

Communication specialist. Multi-cultural. Administration. Director. 

Speaking, Instructing, Directing, and Coaching

Speaking at large events and special programs. Teaching in schools, with teams, and at private events. Directing and mentoring students towards success. Coaching team sports and fitness programs. Multi-cultural events & public relations.

Administrator. Mandarin Chinese. Enthusiastic. High energy leader.   Los Angeles.

Athletic Director Wisconsin-Stout Clark College Track Coach Cross Country Coach

Professor. Instructor.  University of Montana

Media, Voice-overs, PR, and more

CMSU. Central Missouri State University.

Experienced and enthusiastic educator, instructor, director, public speaker, international consultant, coach, and administrator.

Extensive experience working around the world in multiple countries. Really enjoy working with people in planning and collaboration towards team goals and outcomes. Native English speaker and can speak intermediate level Mandarin Chinese.

Coach of the Year. Award winning.